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Free Global Medical ID Program for Everyone in the Globe- this is a unique identifier assigned to all the care seekers signed up onto various applications and components of the Telth Ecosystem. This EMR/EHR was created very meticulously and it collects and stores health data to provide the necessary healthcare. In addition, it provides support in other healthcare and well-being sectors. The GMed IDTM is powered by Telth Root CloudTM, a highly secured private hybrid permission block chain, for added security.
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The stored data can be shared by the log and used for patients with their unique GMed ID™. The blockchain architecture allows the user to validate each sharing with a greater sense of security. This sharable Global Med ID can synchronize with 300+ service providers across the globe.

This Global Medical ID can be used in all the smart devices that collect data from connected smart devices and store and process by AI interface so care providers can use the stored data to provide Precise data-driven digital care.

Global Medical ID Foundation to implement project GMed ID globally. A free Global Medical ID Program for everyone, any individual can register through our app or website and download the soft copy of the card for free.

This ID will thereby act as an identifier to avail any further services from Telth platform or partnered vendors along with their other identifiers like mobile number and email ID.

My Telth Enterprise EMR and EHR comes with Industry grade secured HIPAA and GDPR compliant hybrid blockchain storage solutions for medical records for enterprises and individuals.


Care providers and Health care systems

Government Health systems

About Telth Root Cloud™

Telth Root Cloud™ each end node/point attached with the data input source; this will get a unique ID called G-MedID™. Collection of G-MedID’s forms My Telth sub-regulatory zones, and collection of sub-regulatory zones creates My Telth Zones which leads to regional zones. All these My Telth Zones make Telth Global Root Cloud Network.

Root Cloud Architecture

In RCA, data decentralisation, interoperability & ease of access is made possible by classifying stakeholders into different strata,

Each layer will have a specific protocol designed based on the P3DC/ P3DSC (Precision Data-Driven Digital / Smart Care). P3DSC will be constantly updated based on the Big Data, AI, and regulatory requirements of the respective Telth Region.

MyTelth regions are clusters of healthcare delivery points defined by geography and institutions. Each MyTelth region will have a hybrid storage and computing solution running on localized P3DSC protocol. All the data stored will be secure with enough backups and privacy for the user. It will be maintained with anonymity and will be encrypted.

RCA will ensure the data is in a standardized format with emphasis on integrity, quality and ease of access. Therefore, whoever has access to the network would have accessibility to a larger population across borders without compromising on any privacy and security protocols.

We Specialized

Blockchain based EHR and EMR

We specialize in a wide array of medical fields and have some of the best facilities.

Primary Care

Professional solution from our in house experts.

Physical Theraphy

Professional solution from our in house experts.

General Health

Professional solution from our in house experts.

Dental Surgery

Professional solution from our in house experts.


Professional solution from our in house experts.

Eye Care

Professional solution from our in house experts.

Message from Angel sharan Sb, the Inventor of GMed ID™ Root Cloud Registered Trademark & Provisional patent.

At GMed ID™, our vision is to provide a premier tool that supports error-free, quality healthcare and wellness services globally. The GMed ID™ facilitates data-driven decision making, which proves to be the solution for several healthcare and wellness industry shortcomings. GMed ID™ is also free for those who need one. Furthermore, it will help healthcare systems, care providers, and governments across the globe to adopt GMed ID™ with Root Cloud, which provides effective data-driven healthcare for their beneficiaries. GMed ID™ is simply the enabler for error-free healthcare.

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